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    With a RalliTEK skid plate for your Subaru, you can protect yourself like a WRC champion. No more cringing while driving over hazards, just smile and know the underside of your Subaru is protected!  Hardware included. Bolt on Install. Install Instructions included. 1/8" thick hydro-cut aluminum plate. Skid plates do not ship USPS. Fits 3.6R, but...

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    When the ride height of a vehicle is changed the suspension geometry changes. This effects the angle that the force is applied to the sway bar. RalliTEK’s adjustable endlink allows adjustment to correct the geometry change from your lift or lowering kit.    Features: 30% thicker material than factory. Outlast and out perform OEM links. OEM replacement...

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    Ever watch a NASCAR pit crew change a tire? This is how you'll feel when you hot swap your old struts for a pre-assembled kit by RalliTEK! Whether you have worn out struts and springs, or you just don't want to deal with a spring compressor, put RalliTEK on your team and know that you'll be taken care of.   Ride Height: +1" LIFT Kit Includes:OEM...

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    This product bridges a connection from the pitch stop mount location over to the OE clutch master cylinder to eliminate movement in the clutch pedal and to provide increased pedal sensitivity and strength.   The 2008-2014 Impreza models are notorious for firewall failure issues. The quantity of spot welds combined with the thickness of the sheet metal...

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