Clearance Parts

No returns! RalliTEK discounted clearance merchandise. All items sold in "new" or "as new" condition unless otherwise noted in product description. Limited quantities available.

Clearance Parts

No returns! RalliTEK discounted clearance merchandise. All items sold in "new" or "as new" condition unless otherwise noted in product description. Limited quantities available.

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  • DIY RALLITEK INTAKE (non-turbo Subaru)

    Our RalliTEK Intake Piping is metallic, form-factored piping with anodic protection coating to seal and protect against corrosive elements. This intake pipe is compatible with most Subaru non-turbo models.

    This intake piping is the perfect solution for any DIY piping project!

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    The Crawford Performance Closed Loop Air/Oil Separator was engineered and designed to keep the motor oil where it belongs inside the motor and out of the intake system.
    In the stock configuration, the crankcase is vented to the intake system in three different places. Each of these vents has a baffle system built within the motor to minimize the transfer of oil to the intake, but some oil can still make its way into the combustion chambers. When the oil enters the combustion chambers, it effectively lowers the octane of the fuel, leading to detonation.

    The Crawford Air/Oil Separator effectively removes the oil from the air coming out of the engines ventilation system via a two-stage process:

    - The first step in the process is a large volumetric swirl pot. The function of the swirl pot is to use centrifugal force to remove the oil from the air. The air is then passed through a second chamber (see second step below), and extracted through the top of the AOS. Gravity then sends the remaining oil down the walls of the swirl pot and collects in the bottom of the AOS. At this point, the separated oil sitting on the bottom of the AOS is returned to a baffled chamber in the center of the engine block.

    - The second step involves a second chamber located within the first chamber. As the separated air moves up inside the AOS, it must enter the second chamber before it can vent out the top of the AOS. The function of the secondary chamber is to remove any residual oil that may have made its way up the swirl pot. The secondary chamber also has a drain to return any separated oil back to the engine.

    The Crawford Version 2 AOS incorporates an internal heater to keep the AOS operating at the proper temperature. The coolant line that runs from the turbo to the engine is now re-routed through the AOS. The effectively equalizes the temperature between the AOS and the engine to avoid condensation which can occur within any AOS. This heater also makes sure the vaporized water leaving the motor makes its way through the AOS in vapor form, rather than condensing back into a liquid. This is a MUST in cold weather and a bonus for any climate.

    $300.00 $374.95
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    The Crawford Closed Loop Air/Oil Separator was engineered and designed to keep all the oil where it belongs, inside the motor. Newly designed for the BRZ/FRS to maintain the OEM PCV valve.

    The Air/Oil Separator solves a simple problem from the manufacturer; it transfers the oil back into the engine via the block, not the intake. This not only keeps the vehicle within specs of smog but keeps the oil from coating the tops of the pistons.

    $275.00 $345.60
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    Crawford Axle-Back Exhaust: 2019+ Subaru Forester

    • Bolts directly on to Stock Mid-Pipe (2.0")
    • Perfect for those wanting to keep all Cats (Catalytic Converters) in place for Smog Legality
    • Easy to swap with Stock Muffler
    • Cuts 7 lbs (3.17 kg) off Vehicle Weight

    The Crawford Gymkhana Exhaust is a product that was inspired by the Subaru Crosstrek Desert Racer and our original Gymkhana videos. We've taken that inspiration and applied it to the Forester to enhance its signature boxer engine sound and add that signature Crawford note. The shrunk-down megaphone design creates a distinct and hearty growl that imitates our race cars and invokes the spirit of speed expected from Crawford.

    Included Components:

    • 1 Crawford Performance Forester Gymkhana Axle-Back Muffler Delete
    • 1 OEM High-Quality Triple Plate Metal Gasket
    • 2 Bolts
    • 2 Nuts

    Note System bolts directly on to stock mid-pipe and this system has been tested to generate the same power levels as an exhaust-free vehicle (no mid-pipe, no axle back).


    Body measures: 2"

    Tip Length: 9.75"

    Tip Diameter: 4" at widest (3.5" at the outlet)

    Confirmed Fitment:

    2019+ Forester

    $235.00 $274.95
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    The Crawford Gymkhana Exhaust Re-Invented: The GK2.

    The rawest and pure soundtrack for your Subaru.

    • Megaphone Tip Amplifies and Deepens the Subie Rumble
    • Ceramic Coated for corrosion resistance
    • Lightweight design

    Inspired by our original exhaust designed for Ken Block's Gymkhana Two: The Infomercial; the GK2 once again breaks the mold with never before seen exhaust features.

    Stand out with the unique look and sound of the Gymkhana Megaphone tips.

    If you have your OEM 2.5" Down-Pipe, our exclusive flared Head-Pipe will meet up to it with a perfect seal, and optimum airflow. Other Mid-Pipes get the air dumped into a 3" flange, which commonly blows out gaskets and disrupts the airflow coming from your turbo.

    Made in the USA from 304 Stainless and coated with a grey ceramic coating.

    Kit Includes:

    • Axle-Back Setup
    • Mid-Pipe (6" Resonator)
    • Head-Pipe (2.5" to 3") *Fits OEM Down-Pipe
    • Two Band Clamps
    • Mounting Hardware

    $850.00 $999.95
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    Wheel spacers have numerous benefits to the owner looking to give their vehicle an all-around upgrade. With these installed on your hub, you may run larger brakes. Spacers are able to do this by providing you additional clearance behind the wheel, which will allow for bigger brakes and larger suspensions. The aesthetic benefits of wheel spacers are many. Whether you’re after the tuck, poke or that perfectly flush look, spacers can assist you in that desire. With the wheels pushed out, you may also experience handling benefits by improving the level of grip that your car has in the corners. They will also assist you if you want to run a more aggressive wheel fitment. H&R spacers are made from a proprietary aluminum/magnesium alloy which is not only incredibly strong but also very light weight (up to 70% lighter than a comparable steel product). Hub centric for the highest level of accuracy, wheel spacers are 100% made in Germany under ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards and meet the rigid safety criteria of the German TUV. Sold as a pair.

    $161.96 $179.95 -10% *}
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    This rear subframe bushing kit offers incredible improvement in control and handling while still maintaining proper caster and camber alignment. These bushings also greatly reduce wheel hop on quick acceleration. Fits 1990-1996 300ZX.

    Only One Kit Left In Stock

    $47.50 $94.99 -50% *}
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    Energy Suspension Master Bushing Sets offer real performance for both on the road and off. This is the high-tech solution to performance handling and control that O.E.M. manufacturers usually just don't offer. Energy's special formula HYPER-FLEX™ performance polyurethane components which is higher durometer (firmness) material and reengineered performance-minded components, assures long-lasting performance in all sets. For cars on the street and weekend racers (both front and rear wheel drive), yet so good successfully used in pro racing! Energy's complete Master Sets both restores worn mounts and bushings as well as adds a dramatically higher degree of performance to any vehicle.

    $124.76 $166.34 -25% *}
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    This mount replaces your existing OEM transmission mount. This transmission mount is made out of high grade billet aluminum material with heavy-duty urethane material for the bushings. With the addition of this mount you will see and feel an improvement with reduced wheel hop and better traction. This is the lightest transmission mount on the market and can be seen on the fastest World Challenge SRT-4's. Get what the pro's have at a price you can afford!

    $102.22 $127.77 -20% *}
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    These engine mounts replace the OEM top and lower engine mounts. This combination will reduce 90% of wheel hop and engine movement to improve shifting, traction, and prevent damage to the intercooler hoses and exhaust systems due to excessive engine movement. These mounts have much more vibration-resistance when compared to other aftermarket mounts. Take a look at the amount of urethane they use on each mount. Each mount uses 50% more urethane than all competitors. These are the same mounts used in some of the fastest Neon SRT-4's in the world.

    $204.40 $255.50 -20% *}
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    Skunk2’s Fine Tuning products and accessories, including this high-pressure Radiator Cap, help put the finishing touches onto your vehicle you work so hard to make perform well. Skunk2 Radiator Caps increase internal radiator pressure, which results in a higher coolant boiling point and a more efficient cooling system. Skunk2 Radiator Caps feature an open valve pressure of 1.3 kg/cm—that's .2kg/cm higher than most OEM radiator caps. High-pressure radiator caps like Skunk2’s demonstrate their effectiveness under high-load conditions on both race cars and street cars alike. Skunk2’s high-pressure Radiator Cap Type B fits most Hondas and Acuras (excludes '88-'91 Civics, '90-'93 Integras, and '92-'01 Preludes) as well as most Scions and Toyotas.

    $28.00 $35.00 -20% *}
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    Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs are the most popular springs Eibach makes--and there's a reason for that. These springs reduce fender gap to give your vehicle a lower, more aggressive stance. Plus, they help to lower the center of gravity to improve handling during acceleration, cornering, and braking. Best of all, you can lower your vehicle without having to change your shocks. Eibach Pro-Kits give you high performance handling and aggressive good looks.

    $265.60 $332.00 -20% *}
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    The Magnaflow Competition Series exhaust systems are designed for those seeking maximum performance, reduced mass, and an aggressive exhaust note that demands attention. They feature all mandrel-bent tubing and 409 stainless steel construction. Magnaflow Competition Series exhausts increase your horsepower and torque for better results on the track, and they carry a lifetime construction warranty. (The systems may not comply with all local or federal noise requirements.) 


    $785.70 $873.00 -10% *}
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    Discontinued product

    NOTE: This product number has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    Only One Set Left In Stock

    These Crower titanium retainers weigh in at 7 grams vs. stock steel at 14.5 grams. Pick up additional rpm by reducing valve train weight.

    $198.87 $397.73 -50% *}
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