Lifted Subaru Tire Size Chart

Hey everyone, Scott from RalliTEK here again. We have been getting a lot of questions about what tire size one can run on their lifted Subaru lately so I compiled a list of verified tire sizes on different cars in the RalliTEK shop. I have 2 different columns, one is the standard size that we will tell anyone that they can run and then the other column is for an aggressive fitment. The aggressive fitment column usually comes with the potential for minor trimming, cutting/flattening of a pinch weld, not being able to run front mud flaps or at the very least, using a heat gun to melt the inner fender out of the way of the tire. Also be sure to notice that some of the tire sizes have an asterisk by them, this is because a 15” wheel is needed and may not clear the brakes on your car. This list was created using either the 1.5” or 2” RalliTEK lift kit and Method wheels.

13-17 CROSSTREK 215/75-15 27.7″ 235/75-15 28.9″
18+ CROSSTREK 215/75-15 27.7″ 235/75-15 28.9″
1998-2002 FORESTER 215/75-15 27.7″ 235/75-15 28.9″
2003-2008 FORESTER 215/75-15 27.7″ 235/75-15 28.9″
2009-2013 FORESTER 215/75-15 27.7″ 235/75-15 28.9″
2014-2018 FORESTER 235/75-15* 28.9″ 245/65-17 29.5″
2019+ FORESTER 255/55-18




245/65-17 29.5″
1997-1999 OUTBACK 215/75-15 27.7″ 235/75-15 28.9″
2000-2004 OUTBACK 215/75-15 27.7″ 235/75-15 28.9″
2005-2009 OUTBACK 215/75-15 27.7″ 235/75-15 28.9″
2010-2014 OUTBACK 225/65-17 28.5″ 235/75-15* 28.9″
2015-2018 OUTBACK 245/65-17 29.5″ 245/70-17 30.5″
2008+ IMPREZA 215/70-15 215/65-16 27″ 215/75-15 27.7″
* Denotes 4 cylinder non-turbo only

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New to the product catalog at RalliTEK is the addition of a cutting edge trailing arm bracket for the older (2008 and older) rear strut cars. When you lift these cars, the rear tire moves forward in the wheel opening due to the swing of the trailing arm. One popular solution is to space the trailing arm down the same amount as the lift height to correct it. This works well but you only have one position for the trailing arm to bolt to. We developed this bracket to fit multiple cars and the result is 6 different positions to choose from so you can fine tune your rear tire placement in the wheel opening. During development, we found that there are 4 different trailing arm brackets available between the WRX/STi, Legacy, Legacy Outback, Impreza and Forester so it made sense to make one bracket that fit all of the cars.

The different mounting holes are for OEM height, 1” lifted height and 2” lifted height and then the different spacing is for the WRX/STi, Legacy, first generation Forester and Legacy Outback and the second gen Forester uses the other set of holes. Below is the guide to choosing which hole to start with, if you would like to fine tune the position, you can try a different hole until you get the tire where you would like it.

For the construction of the bracket, we chose to use 3/16” A36 mild steel that is laser cut, bent on a CNC press brake, MIG welded and then powder coated for excellent corrosion resistance in a very nice looking blue/silver hammer tone finish. The factory brackets are made out of thin stamped steel so we increased the material thickness to make them withstand the dynamic forces of taking your car off road; our own R&D 2004 Forester XT has been jumped with these brackets and even though all 4 struts ended up bending, the trailing arm brackets survived!

We recommend these brackets to anyone with a lifted Subaru or even stock height Subaru that wants to go off road with confidence and knowing that your car will handle the terrain.