RalliTEK vs. King Springs

The distinction between RalliTEK and King has appeared to be sitting on a fine line for quite some time. So the purpose of this article is to help separate the two based on their design, quality, and support. With this knowledge, we hope the community will be able to make a decision between the two that will best fit their goals, intentions, and lifestyle.

Before designing its first sets of springs, RalliTEK’s staff examined King’s products thoroughly. It was reported that King springs were not designed for daily commuters and off-road adventurers, but instead catered towards rally inspired enthusiasts who needed a stiff enough spring rate to absorb massive potholes and heavy impacts at high speeds. Thus, in order to develop a spring better suited for the overland (off-road) demographic that RalliTEK aims for, RalliTEK designed a spring with a spring rate between King and OEM. Stiff enough for a towing and street stability, but soft enough for off-road flexibility. A spring with a healthy spring rate which maintains the longevity of OEM and aftermarket struts, like KYB, without pre-mature blowouts of dampening seals.

RalliTEK’s purpose for their springs as a result is to provide an everyday solution for individuals who commute daily with their vehicle, but also enjoy adventures up to the mountain or country trail for winter sports or summer shenanigans. Springs that would not only solve relevant issues, but also improve the vehicle’s ability to perform in different climates around North America.

RalliTEK springs are also designed, built, tested, and supported in the USA (specifically Portland, Oregon). RalliTEK offers guarantees of satisfaction, manufacture warranty, and faster customer support than other off-road spring brands on the market. Each spring made by RalliTEK is tailored for the vehicle it was designed for. RalliTEK has moved to include a complete zinc premiered coat to their powder coating process. This provides an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

King springs on the other hand are developed and supported in AUS. Their powder coating process is also incomplete, since there are hanger marks from when they are powder coated. This leaves bare steel open to corrosion, potentially causing them to pre-maturely rust and even break.

Do not be mistaken though, RalliTEK appreciates the King brand (which is why RalliTEK offers them online), and often suggests them to customers who would benefit. However, RalliTEK will point customers who have King related issues or questions, to King themselves in Australia. Since RalliTEK is simply a retailer, and King will know their product better than anyone else.



  • Designed for off-road, street, and towing.
  • Stiffer than OEM, but softer than King.
  • Safe on OEM and KYB strut seals.
  • Built, tested, and supported in the USA.
  • Guarantees and manufacture warranties.
  • Custom designed springs per vehicle.
  • Full zinc and powder coating protection.


  • Designed for high speed rally racing.
  • Stiffer than OEM and RalliTEK.
  • A little stiff for OEM and KYB strut seals.
  • Built, tested, and supported in AUS.
  • Unknown guarantees and warranties
  • One spring fits many design style.
  • Unpainted hanger mark (incomplete).