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RalliTEK Service Center Now Backed by PREracing!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 – Erich

Performance Race Engineering | 13339 NE Airport Way Suite 500 | Portland, OR 97230 | 503-619-0055

Founded in 1998 Performance Race Engineering has dedicated itself to becoming Portland’s premier high performance service and tuning facility. Boasting an industry top-of-the-line DynoDynamics all wheel drive dynomometer this nearly 20,000 square foot facility with dedicated fabrication area, engine building room, parts warehouse, alignment center, and service center is second to none in the Portland area. RalliTEK has aligned itself with this service and tuning monster in order to bring you the highest level of professionalism and expertise when it comes to repairing, upgrading, or servicing your Subaru. Our customers are our passion and PREracing has the tools to bring that passion to the road!

Shop rates:
General shop hourly rate: $89/hr
Misc fee (shop supply, disposal/hazard): $6/hr

Lube Center:
Oil Change: $38 + oil of choice
(We carry Redline Synthetic Oil, Schaffer Synthetic Oil, and Wolf Conventional Oil. All Subaru oil changes include a premium Denso oil filter.)

Alignment & Tire Center:
Four wheel alignment: $99
Two wheel alignment: $75
Tire mount, balance: $18
– Tire disposal included

Subaru Dyno Tuning:

EMS Reflash $400
– Speed Density $600 (supported applications only)
– Retune$200

COBB Accessport Tuning
– PROtune$400
– Speed Density $600
– Retune$200

Subaru BRZ
BRZedit Reflash$600
– Retune$200

Stand-Alone and pigy-back EMS Tuning: $200/hr
(AEM, Hydra, Motec, Haltech, Link, Perfect Power, etc…)

To qualify for retune pricing you must have purchased a full tune from us for the same vehicle with the same owner. Different car or different owner and all first time tunes are full price. Stand alone and piggy back EMS tuning is based on hourly time and not flat rate tunes. Vehicles requiring mechanical service after being loaded on the dyno may be charged a partial tune fee or additional tuning time fee at the service writers discretion. For more information on tuning or fees please call PREracing at 503-619-0055 or e-mail

West Coast Subaru Show 15

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 – Erich

It’s that time of the year again for the biggest most unique North West Subaru event of the summer the West Coast Subaru Show!

This year promises to be bigger and better than previous years boasting camping, karting, and mudding all in the name of Subaru. If you have never been to a WCSS in the past be prepared for the weekend of your life socializing with like minded Subaru enthusiasts, camping, and having a good ol’ time. The festivities start Friday night with roll-in and camping where historically the Canadians really bring the party. Saturday morning amidst the haze of the previous night everyone shines up their cars (or not depending on your school of thought about what makes a car beautiful) and rolls them into their designated areas of the show arena. Unlike most shows the WCSS usually segregates the cars into similar categories so you really get a side by side comparison of each category. While this is going on there will also be a mud pit where drivers can test their metal against the soupiest sloppiest mud the North West has to offer. Once the show is over there is another night of camping and libations followed by roll out Sunday morning.

Some will go home covered with mud, others will go home on a flat bed, but everyone will go home happy!