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    These are your go-to pads for tight areas that require the removal of moderate scratches and swirl marks.Removes light to moderate defects For use by hand or your 3" Random Orbital Premium, open-cell foam increases durability, improves tear resistance Micro hook-and-loop system firmly secures pad Tough thermoset bonding make our foam pads machine...

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    When used with polishes and sealants, this pad removes fine swirls, scratches, and light defects on the most delicate paint finishes.Designed for use with fine polishes and sealants For use by hand or Random Orbital Premium, open-cell foam increases durability, improves tear resistance Micro hook-and-loop system firmly secures pad Tough thermoset...

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    Quickly and safely clean all interior surfaces and materials from headliner to carpet with minimal fuss.Safely cleans all interior fabrics and hard surfaces Leaves behind no residue that would attract more dirt Contains no dyes or additives that could discolor your interior Also works great around the house

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    Speed Shine® maintains your car's lustrous finish between washings. Simply mist it on, gently wipe dry, and buff to a brilliant luster.Gently loosens and lifts dust, pollen, smudges, and light grime Preserve your paint's "Just Washed" gloss Also effective on moldings, wheels, and interior plastic trim

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    Think of Spray-On Wax as a base wax enhancer that extends the life of your natural waxes and paint sealants.Use after each wash to enhance your wash-to-wash protection Spray on and wipe off as you're towel drying your car Great option when you don't have time to give your ride a full wax job

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    Washing your vehicle is perhaps the most important step to get right and Griot's Garage Car Wash is engineered to ensure success.High-lubricity formula cleans safely, prevents blemishes 16 ounce bottle creates 32 gallons of sudsing wash Safe for all finishes, including matte paint and vinyl wraps

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    Spray-On Car Wash's special high-lubricity formula provides a quick, safe wash without water. It whisks away dust, dirt, and road grime.Get a thorough wash without the hose and bucket Clings to the side of your car and breaks up the road grime quickly Wipes off easily, and buffs out to a fantastic shine

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    This highly-concentrated formula clings, penetrates, and loosens brake dust, grit, and road grime.Manufacturer-approved by BBS, Dayton Wire Wheels, and Tire Rack Made from the highest quality ingredients, road grime doesn't stand a chance Safe for all wheels; chromed, polished, powder coated, aluminum, or steel

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    You'll be impressed how quickly this pad beats back the deepest scratches and the most stubborn oxidation.Long, plush, 10mm nap microfiber generates a robust cleaning action Amplifies the effectiveness of our polishes and compounds Made with the highest quality materials so you'll see superior results

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    This innovative pad will broaden the versatility and effectiveness of your entire surface care system.Long, plush nap microfiber excels at removing moderate defects Foam interface allows the pad face to conform to intricate body panels Made with the highest quality materials

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    If you go a little too long between washings or you drive a vehicle with brakes that blacken your wheels, here's some much-needed help.Breaks down and loosens stubborn brake dust and road grime Special pH-balanced, non-acidic, and non-caustic formula Thick solution clings to the surface, changes color as it works Safe for use on any wheel finish

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    Produce professional results on interiors, exterior trim, tires, and the plastic and rubber parts in your engine bay.Creates a smooth satin finish Special UV blocking agents leave behind a protective coating Goes on smooth, leaves no glossy residue behind Cleans and protects in one step Best when applied with our Blue Detail Sponges

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    Clean and pristine windows are a part of any car detailing therapy session and Window Cleaner makes the most out of your quality time.Spray your way to perfectly clean, streak-free windows and glass Clean windows "defrost" much quicker Contains no ammonia so it is safe to use on tinted windows

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    Our most versatile leather product, Leather Care is aimed at slightly aged leather that requires light to moderate cleaning and enhanced conditioning.Use on slightly aged leather that's 3 to 5 years old Penetrates deep to replenish the natural oils of your leather Better than the other greasy, lanolin-based products on the market

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    Replace vital nutrients, leave a non-greasy surface, and get a supple finish after the final buff with a hint of new leather smell.Keep your leather looking, feeling, and smelling factory fresh Quick and easy spray-and-wipe application Dries clear, even on perforated leather, so you simply wipe and go

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    Best of Show Paste Wax produces a mesmerizing effect in your paint... A still wet look that makes you want to reach into the paint.Create a stunning shine every time Uses highest grade carnauba wax Formulated to provide even coverage, easy wipe-off Includes Hand Wax Applicator Pad

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    Griot's Garage Bug & Smudge Remover softens baked-on bug jerky so removal is quick, easy, and safe... No drama, no mess.Tackles bugs, heavy oils, gunk, stubborn road grime, and scuffs Spray it on, wait about 30 seconds, gently wipe away Safe for use on all exterior surfaces

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    Our fabulous Wash & Wax is perfect for when you are pressed for time but want to put some protection on your paint.Cleans like our Car Wash Leaves behind a layer of wax protection Great when you only have enough time for a wash

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