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    The Killer B Motorsports Complete Air Oil Separator System has been designed to keep harmful oil contaminants from entering the intake system of your engine. This component will remove oil in both liquid and vapor form from the vented crankcase gasses, and it functions with a vacuum source on the turbo inlet. Turbo size will not affect the function of...

  • $492.00


    The Killer B Motorsports Barebones Air Oil Separator has been designed to keep harmful oil contaminants from entering the intake system of the FA20. This component will remove oil in both liquid and vapor form from the vented crankcase gasses, and it functions with a vacuum source on the turbo inlet. Turbo size will not affect the function of this air/oil...

  • $37.00


    This kit contains all the hardware that comes with the Killer B Motorsport oil pan.

  • $244.00


    New to the ETS lineup is the 2005-2009 Subaru Legacy GT Intake. Made from 3" mandrel bent stainless steel, this 3" intake uses a K&N open element filter tucked into the passenger side fender.   Must be used with a front mount intercooler

  • $395.00


    This Mishimoto carbon fiber intake system is made of aerospace-quality carbon Kevlar. This carbon intake system replaces your OEM air intake system, providing substantial horsepower and torque increases for your WRX.

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    When the ride height of a vehicle is changed the suspension geometry changes. This effects the angle that the force is applied to the sway bar. RalliTEK’s adjustable endlink allows adjustment to correct the geometry change from your lift or lowering kit.    Product contains 2 rear endlinks

  • $159.00


    This is a genuine Subaru OEM part imported from Japan. This is only for the splitter. and not the hood scoop. If you want the hood scoop and splitter combo, see here!JDM Splitter and Hood Scoop Combo!

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    Wheel spacers have numerous benefits to the owner looking to give their vehicle an all-around upgrade. With these installed on your hub, you may run larger brakes. Spacers are able to do this by providing you additional clearance behind the wheel, which will allow for bigger brakes and larger suspensions. The aesthetic benefits of wheel spacers are many....

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    If you’ve ever seen a sleek, European sedan with that oh-so-low street stance and a bulging wheel / tire combo that fits perfectly in the wheel wells, chances are that car was fitted with H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers. TRAK+ Wheel Spacers make your existing tires and wheels appear wider by moving the wheel out from the hub, providing both performance and...

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    These inserts restore worn mounts and reduce unwanted motor assembly movement. Under high performance conditions, they reduce wheel hop and torque induced movement that can damage vehicle components! These polyurethane inserts are thoroughly tested to add support and stability to the existing O.E.M. motor mount system and are available in either red or...

  • $1,139.00


    The ETS Cat-back Exhaust for the 2015-2017 WRX/STi is built entirely in their Vancouver facility. This exhaust features a true 3.0 inch all the way through mid-pipe that connects to the rear section before splitting into two 3" pipes and finishing off with quad 3.5" titanium tips. They use V-band connections on all connections (except the factory 2 bolt)...

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    This rear subframe bushing kit offers incredible improvement in control and handling while still maintaining proper caster and camber alignment. These bushings also greatly reduce wheel hop on quick acceleration. Fits 1990-1996 300ZX.Only One Kit Left In Stock

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    Energy Suspension Master Bushing Sets offer real performance for both on the road and off. This is the high-tech solution to performance handling and control that O.E.M. manufacturers usually just don't offer. Energy's special formula HYPER-FLEX™ performance polyurethane components which is higher durometer (firmness) material and reengineered...

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    The Beatrush License Plate Holder is the perfect solution to move your front license plate out of the way of precious direct airflow. It was designed to position your license plate to minimally reduce front mount intercooler and radiator air flow obstruction. This holder was designed for Japanese license plates so some drilling will be required on US...

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    This mount replaces your existing OEM transmission mount. This transmission mount is made out of high grade billet aluminum material with heavy-duty urethane material for the bushings. With the addition of this mount you will see and feel an improvement with reduced wheel hop and better traction. This is the lightest transmission mount on the market and...

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    An engine’s camshafts must be set at their proper positions relative to the crankshaft in order to maximize horsepower. Skunk2's Pro Series Exhaust Cam Gear for Honda's K-series engines enables serious tuners to optimize horsepower and torque by being able to further adjust camshaft timing, allowing them to tailor the power curve appropriately. Thanks to...

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    These engine mounts replace the OEM top and lower engine mounts. This combination will reduce 90% of wheel hop and engine movement to improve shifting, traction, and prevent damage to the intercooler hoses and exhaust systems due to excessive engine movement. These mounts have much more vibration-resistance when compared to other aftermarket mounts. Take...

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    Skunk2’s Fine Tuning products and accessories, including this high-pressure Radiator Cap, help put the finishing touches onto your vehicle you work so hard to make perform well. Skunk2 Radiator Caps increase internal radiator pressure, which results in a higher coolant boiling point and a more efficient cooling system. Skunk2 Radiator Caps feature an open...

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    Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs are the most popular springs Eibach makes--and there's a reason for that. These springs reduce fender gap to give your vehicle a lower, more aggressive stance. Plus, they help to lower the center of gravity to improve handling during acceleration, cornering, and braking. Best of all, you can lower your vehicle without...

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    The Magnaflow Competition Series exhaust systems are designed for those seeking maximum performance, reduced mass, and an aggressive exhaust note that demands attention. They feature all mandrel-bent tubing and 409 stainless steel construction. Magnaflow Competition Series exhausts increase your horsepower and torque for better results on the track, and...

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