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RalliTEK and the IPD Group

Friday, January 01, 2010

Why should I buy from RalliTEK?

This is obviously a question that only you can answer, but we have a few points for you to consider:

  • RalliTEK is an established company
  • RalliTEK has been selling Subaru parts since 2001
  • RalliTEK has an 18,000 sq ft faciltity with a full parts warehouse.
  • RalliTEK specializes in Subarus and we can answer questions related to your particular model.
  • RalliTEK does not charge your credit card until your products actually ship from our warehouse.
  • RalliTEK backs all our products with a satisfaction guarantee
  • RalliTEK has a no-hassle return policy.
  • RalliTEK offers value-added services like our own tech-tips, installation instructions and DVD installation videos.
  • RalliTEK has a dedicated customer service staff ready to answer your questions

Ultimately, it comes down to service.  We've been serving the Subaru community for more 10 years with an automotive staff serving customers for more than 40 years.  Most of our staff were actually RalliTEK customers before becoming employee's. 

We believe in having a website with loads of information to help you decide on buying products as well as a supportive staff providing the ultimate level of customer service.  We have people on our staff that can answer your questions and help you with product choices.

You can see contact options and business hours here


RalliTEK founder Sean Sexton’s background began with Ford Automotive Group.  With an Associate’s Degree in Automotive Engineering led him into becoming a Senior Master Technician with Ford for many years.   Later Sean moved to Central California where he used his automotive skills and became an Insurance Claims Adjuster.  After a few years, missing the Pacific Northwest Sean applied for a Subaru Service Manager position at one of Portland Oregon’s premier Subaru dealerships.  Sean being a Subaru owner and having passion for Subaru’s got him the job immediately.  This also allowed him to move back to the heavily inundated city of Subaru cars.

Sean became one of the most well known Subaru Service Managers in the Subaru community. Utilizing his automotive knowledge mixed in with his passion for serving customers, allowed him to grow the clientele while creating amazing relationships with other Subaru owners.  Due to Sean’s strong technical background in Automotive and Subaru cars, this led to many customers wanting to utilize his talents in upgrading Subaru’s increasing performance as he did with his own car.

Subaru cars being all-wheel-drive have had a strong presence in the rally community.  Performance parts being used on Rally equipped vehicles were being demanded from Subaru owners driving on the streets.  Sean noticed the demand for performance products that would enhance the power, handling capabilities, and overall appearance items that Subaru dealerships were not willing to embark on during those times.

In 2001 the release of the Subaru WRX was about to hit the US.  The WRX had been selling all over the world in other markets for many years previously.  The WRX boasted 227hp with its horizontally opposed 2.0L turbocharged engine.  Until that time Subaru enthusiasts were only able to see it perform and dominate rally events on television.  Now the WRX was going to be released in the US.  Sean knew there was going to be a huge opportunity with the launch of the WRX and took it!

After being a successful Service Manager at Subaru for over 7 years, Sean left the dealership and ventured out on his own.  Starting in August of 2001 RalliTEK was born!  The hype regarding the launch of the WRX was incredible.  A true race inspired vehicle hit the US in full force.  Being turbocharged opened up the door for tons of options.  Exhaust systems, intakes, downpipes, suspension, wheels, interior accessories were being manufactured by anyone and everyone that had the capabilities.  The Subaru WRX aftermarket product line was growing rapidly.  Sean quickly made relationships with manufactures and other distributors supporting the WRX.  

Sean’s extensive knowledge base of the Subaru horizontally opposed motor and engine management system led many Subaru enthusiasts to RalliTEK.  With the explosion of performance products and accessories gaining big power from the WRX platform meant some form of tuning was required for these cars to be reliable running intakes, exhausts, and larger turbochargers.   Sean utilized his knowledge of the Subaru engine and started familiarizing himself with the various tuning options starting to arise in the market.  Because the Subaru WRX was so successful in other countries like England, South Africa, Japan, and Australia tuning software/hardware was obtainable.

Sean knew for a successful build on a Subaru you needed proper engine management.  Back in those days a “piggy-back” engine management system was mainly used to manipulate or intercept the information the factory ECU was looking at.  With the software and “piggy-back” controller you could essentially tune a Subaru to compensate for the products being used to gain more horsepower.  RalliTEK grew with having the ability to import engine management software for the WRX and achieve reliable power with Sean’s tuning capabilities.

RalliTEK was instrumental in the pioneering what these cars were really capable of producing power wise.  Using aftermarket engine management systems allowed Sean to tune the WRX with larger turbo’s, intakes and see what the true potential was.  Having that knowledge and capability led Sean and RalliTEK to a manufacture in Australia called AVO.

AVO (Advanced Vehicle Operations) has been in operation since the mid-70's, building the fastest, most reliable turbocharged vehicles for the last three decades.  AVO’s passion for Subaru models positioned them in being one of the world’s premier performance products manufacturer.  As AVO ventured their way into the US market, AVO met up with RalliTEK and has built a relationship that has lasted many years.  AVO utilized RalliTEK’s facility and knowledge to test/tune products manufactured specifically for US spec Subaru models.    AVO’s commitment in manufacturing the highest quality turbochargers available for all late-model Subaru’s has given RallITEK a competitive edge in supplying products to Subaru owners all over the world.

 Merging With Ipd Volvo

Ipd is a Portland Oregon based company manufacturing and distributing performance parts and accessories for Volvo cars since 1963.  Ipd’s racing history led to many relationships with some of the industry’s leading manufactures.  Ipd made a name for themselves bringing racing products to life for every day street cars.   In 1988 Ipd moved into a new facility located by PDX airport.   This allowed more space for a full blown sway bar manufacturing facility.  Ipd designed and produced suspension components for Volvo cars right out of its facility, just like the products used on their race cars.

Starting in 2002 Ipd was looking to expand into another car market.  Ipd found many of their Volvo owners already owned Subaru’s.  Ipd started another division called “Suby Solutions”.  Suby Solutions was being led by Chris Delano, a long time Ipd employee.  Chris Delano’s background had always been Volvo cars.   Diving into the Subaru world was quite the eye opener!  Ipd began with the WRX platform distributing performance parts from international manufactures.  Suby Solutions also began designing and manufacturing sway bars and skid plates, a very popular selling product for Volvo owners.   Chris knew that his Subaru knowledge needed to grow if we wanted to keep up with the Subaru trend.  Chris involved himself in the Subaru community attending shows, working with other local manufactures distributing products which eventually led him to Sean Sexton of RalliTEK.

RalliTEK was always helpful in working with Suby Solutions to growing their knowledge base.  This allowed RalliTEK and Ipd to work together in designing suspension components for late model Subaru’s.  The two companies eventually began selling products to one another.  Ipd was in the midst of exploring ways to expand their Subaru division.  Unknowingly at the same time RalliTEK was looking to venture into something larger as well.  Both parties met up and the merge began.  Each company brought something to the table they could benefit from.  Sean and RalliTEK brought their crew to Ipd in 2006.  All branded parts became RalliTEK and soon to follow Suby Solutions became a name in the past.  Ipd gained the Subaru knowledge they were looking for with Sean and his staff.  RalliTEK gained the infrastructure to support the phones with a complete customer service department waiting to take calls every day!  Ipd and RalliTEK are now sharing an 18,000sq ft facility with a full installation center, customer service department, marketing department, parts warehouse, and years of knowledge in the automotive industry.

RalliTEK and Ipd hold the same values bringing our customers the best quality products working with vendors that are willing to support us in the same manner we strive to support you!  We look forward in creating new relationship every day with the Subaru community.  We’re grateful for all the relationships and people who’ve helped us get to where we are today.   RalliTEK has been focused strictly on selling Subaru owners the highest quality performance parts and accessories since the doors opened.  We’re Subaru specialists, but most important, we’re enthusiasts just like you!

 RalliTEK is a subsidiary of the ipd Group.  ipd has been serving the automotive community for more than 40 years!


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